Tracy Suzanne Hardwick began her performing career at tender age of three appearing as a BAG OF GOLD in Jack and the Beanstalk. From the role of an inanimate object there followed many summer seasons and pantomimes performing in professional shows in East Anglia in the UK.


At 13, she went to study drama, dance, and musical theatre full time at a stage school in London called Italia Conti Academy of Dramatic Art. She was made ‘head girl.’ At 16 she went onto further studies at Arts Educational Schools in the Barbican Centre, and Old Street. She graduated with a musical theatre diploma.


Tracy’s first experience in film was at Pinewood Studios filming the cult movie The Wall with Bob Geldof and Pink Floyd. A season with the BBC followed filming with Ian McShane and Michael Kitchen in Lovejoy and a variety of performances in musicals: Dames at Sea, Merrily we Roll Along, The Rocky Horror Show, Cole Porter Review at the Fortune Theatre West End; and in plays: Beasts of Luxury in the Tiffany Theatre (LA), Tango Till You’re Sore in the Finborough Theatre (London); and a variety of TV commercials, voice overs and jingles.


Her most enjoyable role was as Fergie in the Channel 10 production Diana, Her True Story. Based on Andrew Morton’s book, this film is available on DVD. She also played Erzebet Bathory in The Beasts of Luxury, a vicious murderess who killed 650 women in 1650, and appeared as Katerina in the Channel 9 production The Alice.  


Other recent theatre credits include a tour of Queensland with the QAC playing a Dutch nun, Sister Katherine, in Voices, where she was able to take her daughter on tour with her and perform in Mount Isa, Atherton, Long Reach and Yeppoon amongst other ‘red soiled’ and ‘sun burnt’ destinations!


More recently, Tracy enjoyed roles in local theatres, most recently playing Shazza  (Bridget Jones’ Australian best buddy) in Bridget Jones Does Blackheath written by Nigel Glassey.  


She has also performed in the many stage shows she has developed through TSH Drama which she established over ten years ago. These shows combine poetry, comedy and musical theatre.  Her keen interest comedy, making people laugh and lifting people’s spirits has been one of the main themes in these shows, which she writes and directs. They are performed with her students in children’s hospitals and elderly homes and bring great joy to their audiences.


Tracy has extensive experience as a voice over artist for commercials and television.