Neuro Diverse Professional Music Video Shoot

Welcomes all Neuro diverse participants who would like to be part of a professional film shoot for this uplifting song called Let the sunshine.

Join Tracy Hardwick ( Tra la la) and sing, move and be expressive, as our friendly cameraman captures the joy of us all performing.

Then after being professionally edited you will receive a copy and also it will be uploaded to YouTube.

Gabriele Xmas Angel

Time to celebrate and let Gabriel our Xmas Angel help.

She sings uplifting music, dances & gets you all to sing together after lyrics are handed out.

Gabriel enjoys bringing the spirit and love of Christmas to you, your office, your family , friends and children.

Two x 30 minute sets of uplifting music; singing together after books of lyrics are handed out.

Sip your festive favourite, sit back and be entertained; or sing your heart out to each song and carol.


Tres C Events are live shows including variety performances as well as uplifting dance sets – feel good funk, soul, house, New York, London and European sounds.

TRA LA LA (2018)

Tracy performs under the name Tra La La, and has recently released an album and stage show of the same name.


Tracy can put together a live show of her original music, or live music in a range of styles (including requests) with a DJ for weddings, parties and functions.

Senior Shows & Singalongs

Tracyhardwickonline is delighted to offer services to your retirement villages and private homes : for monthly sessions special events and celebrations.

As a seasoned performer entertaining our elders for the last 30 years.

Tracy works as a solo artist who sings dances and acts.

And also as a duo/trio and a full band.

She has been entertaining in retirement villages since she was 8 years old beginning in the UK, and she understands the needs of her audience.

Tracy has trained to be with those who have dementia and uses music to communicate and make a connection to those who can be in a world of darkness and isolation.

Uplifting, toe tapping, musical theatre, some jazz, soul, classic favourites and some originals. Performed with a great deal of love.

Choreographed shows with music and costumes.

Part of the show will be a singalong where residents are encouraged to join in.

Her experience includes arranging larger shows in retirement villages in NSW since 2005 and has been a resident performer in various homes returning each month to see familiar faces.Building on the momentum and enjoying getting to know residents and staff.

Performances are generally 60 minutes, and can be longer if required.

Tracyhardwickonline also offers all MC duties for your event, party and celebration.

What folk have said

This is a small snippet from WIN News about Our work with Seniors and performing


Tra La La performances feature upbeat, highly inspiring dance music from singer Tracy Hardwick’s original album ‘Tra La La’; dance from Chris Combes, an extraordinarily talented choreographer and sensual mover; and Wateira Yali who adds such grace, pizzazz and showmanship to her dances.


The performances are all rehearsed according to the show’s theme. Each is costumed, with lights and sound by Kerian from the Baroque Nightclub in Katoomba. The next show will have new songs, dances, costumes and a new theme. Each performance personifies positivity and the aim is to lift your spirit to another dimension. Music is meant to inspire emotion, move and reenergise the listener. Each show is dedicated to this art form.


For bookings contact 0401 969 606.

We perform all around the country and look forward to attending the larger music festivals in 2019 and 2020.


‘Tra La La’ is a live stage show by Tra La La. Here are some video snippets of original songs performed in the Tra La La show.

Let the Sun Shine In

This song ‘Let the Sun Shine In’ has a positive message and we love to perform it. It’s always well received and talks about the trappings of addictions and how to rise above temptations (easier said than done I realise).


It was inspired by a mentor of mine called Jason Vale who – after reading his book ‘Kick the Drink’ – helped me change my life for the better. It’s a feel good song and reminds us not to be caught up in the multi-billion dollar industry of selling alcohol without understanding the brainwashing behind it.


This song is about my father who died when I was just 12. Being heartbroken over losing the man I worshipped opened up a new realm in my life. He came to me in my dreams looking well and contented, which was not how he looked before he left this world. It began my journey into spirituality and although I know he’s physically gone, I continue to love, to pray, to adore and have a relationship with him.


I do believe at some stage, after this life, our souls will reunite in whatever form.  I call upon his strength and business prowess (he was very successful) to help me now. And I like to think he has been immortalised in this song called Ted.

Come On Over

This was one of the first songs I wrote whilst living on Dangar Island. When you hear the whole track it allows you to get the feeling of being invited to a kick-ass party, with gorgeous party dwellers, DJs, fine champagne and lots of love. It’s not just about partying, it’s about spending time with the people you care about. Enjoying cooking together, swimming, yoga, laughing and leaving your cares at the door for some time to heal.


To me this has the best vibe and in the YouTube video all my mates came (rather inebriated) to film the party scene as they were nervous to be on camera. It always makes me smile.


This is a beautiful song by Kidnap which I used to sing along. I like music which moves the soul, and this does. The full version is on the homepage.

Chris Combes

Chris Combes is our bright shining talent who is a pleasure and joy to perform with. Prepared, professional and ready to turn his hand to whatever is the theme of the next show.


Wateira has been an inspiration to the Tra La La journey. Open, always positive, earthy, and simply gorgeous on stage. What a glorious addition to our team.


‘Into the Vortex’ is a live stage show by Tra La La.


This is a similar style show to ‘Tra La La’ with upbeat original dance music. It consist of two 20 minute sets with dancers Chris Combes and Emily Yali supporting Tracy’s original songs from the album Tra La la. New original songs and also includes quirky, upbeat and inspiring dance music from different artists. For your special event both shows can be combined and tailored to your needs.



“Down the backstreets of Katoomba, nestled between the historic Carrington Hotel and the Old Bank Brasserie, is a hidden gem of a venue. At the Baroque Bar, Tra La La and her female and male back up dancers, Emily Yali and Chris Coombes, perform a sensual and vibrant cabaret act in two parts. The upbeat original tunes are in perfect sync with the energetic and sexy choreography from Tra La La (aka Tracy Hardwick). With changing costumes throughout, it’s a visual feast and brimming with glamour. You’ll be inspired to don your own dancing shoes before the night is out – the forty-minute show is followed by a live DJ.”

Liz Durnan