Tracy Hardwick can put together a live performance for your wedding, party or event. 

You can choose any combination of the following for a two or three set package:

LIVE SET  –  Live singing of standards (requests are catered for), and / or Tracy’s original dance music, and one solo instrument (such as piano or guitar);

TRA LA LA SET – This is a cabaret style show with Tracy’s original music, live dancers, and live vocal and excellent backing tracks.

DJ SET  – Upbeat dance music, choice of 2 DJs, can include some requests.


How long do you perform for?   

For the Tra La la cabaret set, the show generally lasts 40 minutes and consists of two 20 minute acts. The performers are: Tracy Hardwick (stage name – Tra La La); Emily Yali (principal dancer and assistant choreographer); and Chris Combes (a highly proficient and enigmatic male dancer).

All shows are choreographed, costumed and have a theme. We use original music from the Tra La La album as well as other upbeat, sexy tunes.


What will you be doing and what does the DJ do?

Tra la la shows are delighted to be able to have El Capitano DJing for us after the live performances. He plays until the client wants him to finish. Generally the cut off time is 1am.He is a gifted selector of  deep house that has been selected from around the world.  African tribal beats, beautifully mixed with the sounds of our dearly departed Avicii, a touch of burning man sets, Jan Blomqbist and El Capitano’s latest finds.  He is a dedicated music lover whose passion is mixing music to build a crescendo into the late hours of the night and morning.

After the live shows have finished, the tables and chairs are removed and the dancers in the crowd express themselves.  Add to the mix some rather sexy ladies dancing with their fibre flies and You have a very memorable end to your event.

We also have DJ Shimon, from London, who has played internationally. A strong, sensual vibe emanates from each set. He has been playing for over twenty five years and his focus is always on upbeat positive music. 


What styles of music do you do?   

For the Live Set it can be jazz, musical theatre, chill, ballads and standards.  If clients want to request specific songs we can learn and rehearse them for an additional cost.

For the Tra La La set, this is high energy, positive, emotive music with sexy, strong performances.


What are your fees?

Fees depend on whether we have to travel, and which sets and performers you book. Quotes available upon enquiry.


Tracy performs under the name Tra La La, and has recently released an album of the same name.

In this set, Tracy will perform her original dance music, with recorded backing tracks, plus one additional musician like a trumpet player, a singer or guitarist.


This set is comprised of music in the style of your choosing. Styles include:

Background dining music

Cafe Del Mar (chill)

Musical Theatre






I’ve always had a love of music and an eclectic taste in music that embraces many genres.

My personal collection of music started with cassettes and records from the age of eight. This has included rock, reggae, folk, classical, disco, hip hop, house etc.

What fired my imagination the most though was when I discovered trance in the mid 1990s. I loved the energy, the layers, the electronic sounds and the build up that surged and ebbed like an ethereal wall of sound.

My sets are primarily up tempo and fun – while they span happy house, sexy deep house, tribal and middle eastern influences there is always some element of trance lurking there.


Londoner DJ Shimon has played all over the world during his long career. His focus is always on upbeat positive music.