Sunday 13 February 2022

We are delighted to announce our next ‘Showtime’! Each performance we attract new members to our unique theatre company. This is a company which combines neuro typical with neuro-diverse all together in one show.It is amazing to see how when on stage, with the energy of a live audience and after months of rehearsals during class time, the cast are filled with “joie de vivre” and we are all united.


Working with neuro-diverse students and combining them with talented actors, singers, and writers in the blue mountains means we are all kindred spirits. We all help each other during rehearsals and all the cast members work towards this show to uplift the audience with songs you will know and love, funny comedy sketches, drama scenes, some poetry, and improvisation. The improvisation provides the theatre sports team a chance to be spontaneous. We have lessons playing many different games during the semester and then they get to perform for a live audience during this show. Improvisation is an excellent way to tap into the creative force and not ” think’. It allows us to be free and is SO MUCH FUN.


I feel honoured to know each cast member, we become bonded as we work towards a common goal.And as performing is a huge passion I get to enjoy singing, dancing and acting again with them too.


I still think there is a stigma to being, communicating and working with those with intellectual differences. It has enriched my life to see my students grow each year in confidence and ability and welcome newcomers to our happy band of players. I think there is a need to understand how to communicate professionally to our neuro-diverse students in film, theatre and Tv and to honour their special talents and not be intimidated on how to be with our special talent cast members. The professional film arena who hire some of my cast have been known to be rather condescending and this is an area which needs attention. To welcome special talents and learn the correct way to communicate, feel welcome and respected.


Once again we will be sending out boxes of books to the library in Lautoka in Fiji. We are also collecting iPhones/smartphones which are in good condition to send to the school.Please call 0401 969606 if you can donate.The library is slowly becoming fuller after each performance. Thank you for your donations and support. And we feel sure you will have a delightful, inspiring afternoon with us on Sunday June 6th.


Where: St Hilda’s Church, 68 Katoomba St, Katoomba

When: Sunday 13 February, 2022, 2pm

Tickets: $35; $30 concession; and $25 early bird (book by 3 December)

This is a Covid-safe event, all restrictions followed. 

Book now to avoid disappointment.



Sexy Saturday Easter Weekend Dance Party


Saturday 3 April 2021, 7pm to late


Katoomba Blue mountains


A selection of London, New York, European, Tribal & some chill uplifting dance music


Live shows including burlesque!

Numbers are (unfortunately) still restricted.

Footage by Wombat Films.

Footage by Wombat Films.

We invite you to celebrate Easter Saturday with us! 



Dancing Fun

for a Sexy Saturday Easter Weekend

Music and entertainment

Featuring London, New York, European, EDM with live performances including Burlesque, fibre flies dancers and original tracks (lyrics and melodies sung live by Tra La La as you dance. On arrival enjoy a cocktail, unwind as the music begins with Chill Ibiza/ Monolink, Cafe Del mar and brand new songs from contemporary music makers. 


Our Theme of Dress is Alice in Wonderland.


Fresh juices are available to purchase – made from local fruits & vegetables,  with tender loving care. Complimenting your favourite tipple, and great to energise and get you dancing sooner.


From the dance floor, the outdoor terrace can be enjoyed, under Blue Mountains skies. The mist may roll in and it’s always magical. 


Please note – bring we weather clothes and a warm top for sitting outside and in the gardens (just in case). Easter Sunday is a time of celebration and resurrection, and a very happy occasion to remember Jesus rose again. And I;m sure if he know about our event he’d be heading straight there. :).

For those needing accommodation

OPTION 1: guest room at the venue of the party

  • Queen bedroom
  • wardrobe
  • romantic lighting
  • blockout curtains
  • $195

OPTION 2: Quiet apartment 100 meters from Echo Point

  • Queen room
  • firm futon
  • close to exclusive spa and resort Lilianfels and Darley’s restaurant
  • beautiful views
  • your host is accommodating with peaceful vibes
  • Ticket and accommodation $155


All tickets include a cocktail on arrival and all entertainment – $55

Theme Inspo!

“Will you walk a little faster ?” said a whiting to a snail.

“There’s a porpoise close behind us, and he’s treading on my tail.

See how eagerly the lobsters and the turtles all advance!

They are waiting on the shingle – will you come and join the dance?

Will you, Won’t you, will you, won’t you, will you join the dance?

Will you, won’t you, will you won’t you. won’t you join the dance?


Where: Katoomba TBC

When: 6pm – late, 24 October 2020

Tickets: $40 includes welcome drinks

Tracy Hardwick

DJ Din

Trés C Events

Candle lit kitchen floor dance party (with added lights, sound and live shows).

SOUL/ FUNK BLUE MOUNTAINS & UK  DJ LEGEND DINS from Parke Street Social & DJ Wallfly.

Support from Tra La La singing & mixing live.

An uplifting dance set with fibre fly dancing.
An evening of Feel Good Funk, Soul, House, New York, London, European Sounds … and beyond…