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We create personalised programmes for cleansing, letting go of addictions, and becoming the healthiest version of yourself. We look forward to being of assistance. We know and teach others that ‘health is wealth’.


If you are suffering with addictions: food; alcohol; codependency; over shopping etc we offer private consultations to address your needs. I specialise in letting go of alcohol addictions and food. I use Jason vales’s principals whom I’ve followed for many years, and know what it takes to let go and the pull these substances have.


If you are addicted to alcohol it is NOT YOUR FAULT. Alcohol is a highly addicting substance and we have been brain washed in our culture that it’s totally acceptable. The issue is that it gets worse over time – causing many serious diseases, fear, stress, broken relationships, and it cuts you off from your higher source – your intuition.


These consultations run for 8 weeks –  an hour per session. They are on Skype or if you’re in the Blue Mountains area, in person.


Don’t ever blame yourself for drinking too much. You’re not at fault and after working together you will have the skills, knowledge, empowerment and desire to stop. It’s actually remarkably easy when you know how. And you will not think that you have a ‘dis’ ‘ease’ and have to ‘recover”‘for the rest of your life. No way! It’s empowering and you will feel free of the ‘trap’.


I highly recommend Jason Vale’s book Kick the Drink. It has changed my life. If nothing else order it on Amazon and read every word. I promise you your life will change dramatically for the better.


I wish you all so much love and encouragement to join me on the marvellous journey of self love, clear thinking, enriching loving relationships, increase in prosperity and being an inspiration to others.



Virtual session

$95 for initial consultation

$380 for 4 consultations (one every fortnight for 8 weeks)


The Feel Good Factor is a series of videos with tips and tricks on how to feel good. Each episode shows different ways that we can feel good. With nutrition, exercise, positive thinking, comedy, music, being in the flow of life, and doing what you love.

 Change your state of mind (part 1)

In this episode of the Feel Good Factor, Tracy provides tips on how to break out of your current mindset.

Change your state of mind (part 2)

In this episode Tracy shows us how to change our state of mind during lockdown by focusing on nutrition and taking time to have fun with your kids or pets.

Feel Good Factor Episode 1

In this episode Tracy shows us how to make a nutritious and portable smoothie with the Nutribullet.

Feel Good Factor Episode 2

In the first episode of the Feel Good Factor, Tracy introduces us to the Jason Vale juice book and shows us one of her favourite recipes.

Feel Good Factor Episode 3

Another fabulous detox juice from the Jason Vale ‘Juice Master’ book and a sneak peak at a rehearsal for one of Tracy’s shows.

Feel Good Factor Episode 4

This episode features: natural sun protection, healthy juices, healthy smoothies, fun with friends, liver cleanse, beat depression, rag doll cats, lose weight

Feel Good Factor Episode 5

This episode features: healthy juices, healthy smoothies, beating depression, losing weight, quitting alcohol, juicing, healthy habits, Jason Vale books, how to stop addictive behaviours, music, meditation.

Feel Good Factor Episode 6

This episode features: Jason Vale Kick the Drink, health, feeling good naturally, performing, quit alcohol for a year, juicing, exercises, quit addictions.

Feel Good Factor Episode 7

This episode features GO TO juice, vitamins to top up the immune system, and music (how VITAL it is!).


Tracy’s interest in positive living has expanded to now include short courses on wellbeing, health and happiness.


‘Pregnancy and You’ is a pregnancy wellness video, and will be available for download soon. Duration 1 hour.


The video includes:

Interviews with midwives on pain management and nutrition during pregnancy.

Guided yoga sequences to follow for first, second and third trimesters.

Other fitness techniques to follow during pregnancy.

Dance sequences to follow during pregnancy.

The importance of massage during pregnancy.

Antenatal care, including the midwife’s spiritual role during labour.

Father or support person’s opinion on birth, labour; and how to support the mother in both pregnancy and birth.



“I just want to say a big thank you to Tracy for her video that I purchased when I was expecting my first child. I found it so helpful and it me made feel more in control of the whole situation. It was a daunting time for me as I was overseas with no family for support, but with Tracy’s advice I felt motivated to make healthy informed choices. I especially enjoyed the yoga section and felt safe following her guidelines. I went on to have another child and always referred back to the video for advice. Thank you Tracy, I highly recommend purchasing the video even if it’s not your first child. ” – Tafline Thomas


Information about this course coming soon.