Screen acting classes are available in Katoomba, orange, sydney and far south coast for Neuro typical, Neuro diverse, adults and youth.

Screen Acting classes are available for both children’s groups and adult groups in Katoomba and in Orange.


Social Media This course aims to give students understanding  and experience in the TV, MODELLING and FILM industries.The course covers:


The difference between a casting consultant and a casting agent.

Casting etiquette for TVCs and film/tv audition.

How to prepare.

TVC acting, featured extra role scenario and a 100% hero role script. Fees and working hours.

On set terminology

Extra work in Film, Television and TVC

Cold reading at auditions

Improvisation at an audition for film and TV projects.

Film vs theatrical approach to acting

Understanding the different schools of acting: Meissner, strasbourge, method, traditional

Physical and vocal warm ups with emphasis on breathing, yoga style warmup

Technical proficiency-awareness of techniques used specifically for screen eg. performance size, framing, continuity.

Emotional and experiential recall

Preparation for the final audition with a leading Sydney casting director

All classes are enrolled online.

One-day TV and film acting workshop flier for Orange

WHEN: Saturday 1st June
WHERE: Orange

FEE: $198

Meet our cameraman, editor, sound expert:

Raymond Toms has been involved in sound, film and video production for almost 60 years.
Starting as a sound engineer in London studio Wessex Sound, location sound and camera assistant for ICE films, broadcast and internet technical adviser at the ABC for 20 years, technical manager at the Australian Caption Centre and running his own Videography company, Pi Productions, since 1982. As a musician himself, he has specialised in concerts and documentaries.

Having moved to the Far South Coast in 2010, Raymond has filmed many local talented musicians and concerts at Four Winds. Raymond has also produced films for local organisations such as Bega Cheese, BRAWL and Bemboka Public School. A licensed pilot and drone pilot, he has produced aerial footage for Destination NSW and many local and regional businesses.