Each term there are group classes for those with intellectual disabilities, which is a definite highlight of my week. These classes are all inclusive and full of expression. Our students are encouraged and inspired to reach their potential.


I have seen wonders occur with my students over the last couple of years, from not being able to speak within a group to performing their own poem in front of a large audience. Some students cannot speak and they join in with their own way of communicating. The classes are full of love and the students feel this.


I like to create workshops for each classes’ needs so each class is different depending on the age, ability and request from their providers or parents.


TSHDRAMA is a registered provider: NDIS Registration Number: 67853253



Fee: $285

Time: 4 – 5 pm, Thursday afternoons.

Place: Warayama place, Rozelle

Add; Term dates 17/11 to 22/12

Group and online classes

Christmas concert is at 22:12


We ask all students and carers to wash your hands BEFORE class begins.

Please use the anti-bacterial hand wipes available before and after class.

If you are feeling unwell please do not come to class and kindly let Tracy know on

0401 969 606.

We are looking forward to an inspiring term of uplifting music, games, movement and expressiveness – and rehearsing for our next show.

Thank you.


Recent performances: At 3pm, Thursday 27 February 2020 we entertained at Morvern gardens, Baptist Care Retirement Home, Leura.

Our Neuro Diverse Class will be performing for the residents of Baptist Care retirement Home in Leura.


We enjoy singing, reciting funny poems, some jokes and uplifting musical theatre songs for the elders. They love to join in too. After the show we spend time together. I encourage my cast to say hello, and listen to the residents.It always brings joy to both us and them.


‘Showtime’ which showcases all our creative work throughout this year will be performing at St Hilda’s church early December (Covid restrictions permitting).



We welcome opportunities to perform for our community and we enjoy entertaining for elders or other community events. Telephone 0401 969606 to enquire.



In 2016 TSHDRAMA enjoyed creating programmes of drama, music, improvisation and helping  to improve communication skills for people with disabilities. And we are expanding our classes in 2018, offering classes in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Orange region.

We have especially enjoyed teaching excerpts from favourite musicals and seeing our groups (with down syndrome and autism) embrace the music. Loving to dance, be free and express themselves in safe and nurturing environment. Each session, a new theme is chosen and script guidelines are given. The topics include:

  • How to be there for a friend in need
  • What is safe to do, and what’s not safe to do
  • How to communicate to a friend who is sad

These groups are all inclusive and all students get to participate. Even the very shy within the group can come out of their shell, and join in the fun. Although all students are given the choice to watch if they only want to watch.Classes are aimed at uplifting students and increasing fitness levels, improving communication and listening skills. They are also using therapeutic drama scripts which the teacher carefully chooses for each session After many months of patently waiting, submitting forms, phone calls, and working out how to use  their portal,  we are very excited to announce we now have our  registration with the NDIS approved.NDIS:  Registration Number: 67853253.

We have  been assessed that we are eligible for the following supports:

  • Behaviour Support

Daily Tasks/Shared Living

Development Life Skills

Group/Centre Activities

Enquiries for group classes are welcome.

Contact 0401 969606 / tracyhardwick1@gmail.com

Letter of Support for Neuro Diverse Group Classes

Over the past 8 weeks a group of neuro-diverse individuals and their support workers have been collaborating through music/ dance/ theatre/ improvisation/ self-expression, guided by the warm wonderful witty and wise Tracy Hardwick. There’s about 20 of us, some from the special education section of the local high school, others from various NDIS organisations. It has been an increasingly interesting and uplifting journey. Most of the participants were shrinking on the sidelines to begin with, riddled with awkwardness, anxiety and perhaps fear of expressing themselves. Tracy has lovingly created a safe trusting environment where it’s ok to be vulnerable, where judgement doesn’t exist, and where it’s welcomed and encouraged to have a go. There is no ridicule, rather we cheer each other on to express ourselves as we feel, in all shapes weird and wonderful. Some participants are non-verbal, one is wheelchair-bound, there is a shy Indigenous young woman, autism, schizophrenia, a really curious blend of diversity. One by one, the participants are emerging from their cocoons and offering up various passions to share with the group. A dance solo, a theatrical improvisation, bongo drums, Irish dancing, jokes, a monologue. Each week we welcome in our Monday morning through moving and laughing and lighting each other up, and the collective good-vibes energy shines through each one of us present. We’ve been given permission to bring to surface hidden parts of ourselves, to not take it all so seriously, to not hide behind awkwardness or pain, to not feel trapped by labels or limitations. It has been a true joy to be part of, and really beautiful to witness each one of us shake off our shackles and connect with our heartbeats, and collectively create the freedom to express ourselves. Thank you for this wonderful experience Tracy.




Warm regards, Sarah Volkov – disability support worker xxxxx