School Holiday Programme

 School Holiday Programme

2nd October to 6th In Eden



This project will allow our youth to have an understanding of how to be involved in professional film, Tv, social media, theatre, theatre sports, auditions, back stage, stage managing and how to get a professional agent.

Whilst being in a supportive, uplifting, and fun environment for school holidays. The focus will be on allowing each participant to be expressive and try on new skills. And be part of a creative group, make new friends and enjoy time out.


Years 6 to year 12


Inclusive for young people who are carers,
Culturally diverse, refugees, youth living with a disability, socio-economic disadvantage and LGBTIQA


Specific activities this project will deliver:

Theatre sports, improvisation, fun theatre games

~ scripts, poems, comedy scenes, monologues and duologues from plays.After choosing their performance pieces: Participants will work in small teams or in pairs

~ music expression : Singing with choreography


What is an audition? how do you get a professional agent?

~ TV and FILM acting and presenting

~social media presenting to camera, how to make professional youtube videos: IG Facebook Tik Tok.

~ Brand awareness what is it? How to create a brand for social media

~ Tv and film acting: how to perform more confidently in front of tv cameras


Raymond Tom’s from Pi films~ working with a professional cameraman/ sound/ lights and filming for 2 days :

Wednesday and Thursday 4th and 5th

Students filming work will be edited and returned as an mp3 to keep.


~ Last day of the workshop is a live performance 2pm 6/10 in Eden

Registrations begin Monday 18th September.

Please note this is not a child minding service. Only focused students who want to participate for the whole workshop will be registered.


Parents will be required to sign a waiver when registering each child.

Contact 0401 969606

Tracyhardwick1@gmail.com to register